Making the web inspiring again.

Making the web inspiring again.

Making the web inspiring again

MC is an organisation which aims to develop media concepts that present a high potential. MC issues content with an important qualitative value, giving the priority to impetuous and innovating editorial lines. MC put the quest for aestheticism and excellence at the heart of its user’s experience. We believe the web should be a stimulating experience, have a multiplier impact, catalyse our senses.

MC develops multilingual titles in the areas of politics and arts. Decidedly focused on the numerical and transmedia, MC handles the whole publication process, from the redaction to the web editing to the graphic conception and the community management.

MC swims against the tide of the media stream, deeming life-saving to propose enlightening contents, not destined to the media consumption of the masses, often alienating. MC is a shelter for those who wish to get away from the media frenzy and bet on the development of an original offer, as inspired as it is inspiring.

MC is built around a small team of passionate people. Always on the lookout for new talents, we study every new idea in order to place our expertise and our vision at the service of innovation. To fight against the precariousness of the minds : here lies for us the essence of change. 


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